Ever walked around in the game and REALLY wished Ash could talk so he could answer the people who talk to him? A lot of them say stupid things. Here's what *I'd* like to say.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?"
"Through the door."

"Eek! Did you touch me?"
"Don't flatter yourself."

"We hope to see you again!"
"Don't wish that on me, please."

"Who has the lift key?"
"Why are you asking me?"

"Will Ash change Pokemon?"
"Does a cat have nine tails? Oh hang on, they don't. ^_^;;"

"So! I must say, I am impressed you got here!"
"Why? I thought you realised how incompetant your guards were. You're always shouting at them, aren't you?"

"WHAT! This cannot be!"
"In denial, I see."

"What? Mankey is evolving!"
"Oh no it isn't!"

"A child like you would never understand what I hope to achieve."
"You mean world domination? Of course I understand it. I'm a kid. One word: cartoons."

"I shall step aside this time!"
"You're only saying that 'cos you lost."

"I hope we meet again..."
"Are you related to Nurse Joy?"

"You have the thunderbadge?! You must be a good trainer!"
"Darn right."

"I've been to a gym a couple of times. But, I lost each time."
"That's because you suck."

"Ke... ke... ke..."
"Hah! My Kakuna impression is MUCH better than yours!"

"Be gone... intruders..."
"Hey, how come MY Marowak can't speak?!"

"The mother's soul was calmed."
"What, from being pecked and flown at by a vicious Fearow?"

"Your Pokemon quest may fail without love for your Pokemon. Here, this might help."
"How might a Pokeflute help? -_-;;"

"Be patient! Fishing is a waiting game!"
"Uh... excuse me, YOU'RE the one who left your rod to come over here and chat."

"The Fishing Fool vs Pokemon Kid!"
"Fool is right."

"You beat me at Pokemon, but I'm good at fishing!"
"You're talking to the girl - er, guy - who caught about 20 Dratini, mate." (Note: Didn't literally catch them, just got them on my fishing line. ^_^.)

"Ash! This isn't the time to use that!"
"#*%@!! You scared the #*^$ outta me! Are you stalking me or somethin'?!"

"Snorlax calmed down! With a big roar, it returned to the mountains!"
"Um. Two MINOR details here. One, If it has fainted, how can it a) roar or b) return ANYWHERE except to a state of consciousness? And two, where ARE these mountains? And if Ash is standing in exactly the same spot, how does he KNOW that this is where Snorlax is going?"

"My bird combo lost?"
"Um, when your star lineup consists of Pidgey and Pidgeotto, it's not exactly a dream team."

"My Pokemon look happy even though they lost."
"Yeah. Pokemon look real happy when they're unconscious. Good one."

"I'm told I'm good for a kid!"
"You shouldn't believe everything you're told."
"Hence the fact that you open with a Pidgey."

"Strength isn't the key for Pokemon!"
"So what is, weakness?"

"I'll show you how strategy can beat brute strength!"
"Since when is using the attack 'headbutt' six times, strategic?"

"So, you mix brawn with brains? Good strategy!"
"Umm, I'm carving my way through a poison and psychic gym using a PRIMEAPE. How good a strategy is THAT?"

"I always check every grassy area for new Pokemon."
"So why do you only have a Spearow and a Fearow?"

"This is my turf! Get out of here!"
"Somebody's feeling antisocial today."

FEAROW flew up high!
Enemy SPEAROW flew up high!
FEAROW's attack missed!
Enemy SPEAROW used FLY!
FEAROW fainted!
"I really, REALLY hate you."

"What?! Team Rocket is at Mt Moon? Huh? I'm on the phone! Scram!"
"Um... excuse me sir... that's a potplant."

"I'll share this with the other guards!"
"And how will you do that without leaving your post?"

"Master Koga come from a long line of ninja. What did you descend from?"
"An ape. Ooh ooh ooh ooh!"

"Dropped my balls!"
"You make it too easy..."

"Where there is light, there is shadow! Light and shadow! Which do you choose?"
"You just said you can't have one without the other."

"I shall show you true terror as a ninja master!"
"Yup, them Venonat sure are terrifying."

"I'm raising Pokemon too! When they get strong, they can protect me!"
"And I'm sure they're gonna get REALLY strong from you standing there in Pallet doing nothing."

"The people here were robbed."
"And yet, you let me just WANDER into their house?"

"When Pokemon grow up, they get ugly! They shouldn't evolve!"
"I can see why YOU'RE not a Pokemon master."

"You beat Team Rocket all alone? That's amazing!"
"Um... if I told you the average level of their Pokemon, would it lower your opinion of me?"

"I saw ROCKET BOSS escaping SILPH's building."
"Well, why didn't you stop him? COWARD!"

"The Fighting Dojo next door lost its Gym status when we went and creamed them!"
"That doesn't sound very fair. Not only are there twice as many of you, but you had an advantage. I'm appalled! When I'm Pokemon Master, I'm having all of you kicked out of the league!"

"What? Don't you know how to catch Pokemon?"
"Um... well, I've got 149 of them."
"I'll show you then!"
"In one ear and out the other..."

"First, you need to weaken the target Pokemon."
"But you didn't."

"I like shorts!"
"Thanks for sharing that."

"My friend has a cute Pokemon! I'm so jealous!"
"Shallow little thing, aren't you..."

"I can't believe my dragons lost to you, Ash!"
"Funny, that's what you said last time. And the time before."

"I am the most powerful trainer in the world!"
"Nice to know that power hasn't gone to your head."

"That old duff used to be tough and handsome!"
"Hahaha! That's a good one!... oh, you were serious."

"Your Pokemon will be at my mercy when they're frozen solid!"
"Undoubtedly. But you think I'm going to LET them get frozen?"

"You're making an encyclopedia on Pokemon? That sounds amusing."

"Where's Sara? I said I'd meet her here."

"Safari Zone has a zoo in front of the entrance."
"No $#*%, Sherlock. Any other gems of wisdom? Such as, I dunno, "this is Fuchsia City" or "Your name is Ash"?"

"I smell a little rat."
"And I smell a big one. Haven't you ever heard of deoderant?"

"But, Team Rocket will never fall!"
"I'd give it ten minutes."

"Never forget that all Pokemon exist for Team Rocket!"
"I forgot it before you finished saying it."

"Because I am rich, I can give you anything!"
"Okay, how about a million dollars?"
"Here, maybe this will do!"

"Pokemon take on the appearance of their trainers!"
"Hey, I CAN see the resemblence between you and your Haunter!"

"Give... me... your... soul!"
"Hey, I need that!"

"Give... me... blood..."
"Hey! Waitaminute! Are you fully licensed by Red Cross?"

"Check out my buff physique!"
"Um. Has it escaped your notice that I'm a guy? o.O;"

"Oh yes, you're a brilliant tactition, to use that move when your Staryu doesn't have any damage on it."

"In that case, why are you in here, giving away your fishing rod, instead of out there fishing yourself?"

"Idle observation... why does my Kingler look like a whale when it is surfing?"

"Wild SLOWPOKE appeared!"
"Oh, go away. You're ugly and disgusting and I hate you."
*runs from battle*
"Hang on. Do I have one of them?"
*checks Pokedex*

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